the perfect solution

hugg homes offers a flexible management model, with our own estates team able to work independently or alongside partner organisations.

the perfect solution

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Lauren Harrison Short found hugg was the perfect solution when she needed an affordable place to live after she separated from her husband. Lauren, who works as an accountant for a cruise company in the centre of Southampton, wanted to rent somewhere convenient and within her budget, so when she came across hugg she knew straight away it was ideal for her.

Responding to the shortage of affordable housing options across the UK, hugg is an innovative new model for contemporary homes centred on modular living. hugg makes the most of land that is going through the planning process by erecting bespoke temporary units available for rent to meet local housing needs. Its first ‘pop-up’ housing development in the Chapel Riverside area of Southampton has proved a hit with residents.

Lauren comments: “My hugg home is brilliant for what I need. The location, price and the fact that it was fully furnished all made it ideal for my situation. Everyone is surprised by what is inside and how spacious it is. The interior is high quality, the design is great and it all feels very well put together. I’ve added some bookshelves and a few touches to make it feel cosy, but it has everything you would need.

“The people I’ve met here are friendly and it feels like a real community. The layout of the containers forms a kind of communal courtyard so I’ve got to know my neighbours and we are even planning a BBQ in this shared area.”

hugg has really hit on a niche in the market. Affordability is such a buzz word but the costs here are a significant saving on renting elsewhere. This was a big factor for me given my circumstances of suddenly having to afford to live alone. I’m hoping that if I live here for a year to eighteen months I will be able to build up savings and then buy somewhere on my own. But for now it is perfect – I love my hugg.”